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Carnaval de Cajamarca (February-March, movable)
February is more celebrated for all the people Cajamarca. The party lives across the region, celebrations will begin with the traditional parade of floats and processions, with costumes and lots of music by each district. The parade is the favorite place for carnival to show their fun and happiness.

King Momo, as he is known to the master of the feast is about to leave, and people painted, wet and excited, looking forward to the start of what will be the central day of the carnival. Rain balloons, painting, racket, more water, and above all more chicha de Jora, you can see and often feel if this is a water balloon all the way through which pass the No Carnavalón.
The tour lasts about 4 hours, you hear drums, Snares, trumpets and even buckets that serve to keep up with the ballads and songs of carnival.
The celebrations will continue for 4 more days, followed by the contest and carnival floats.

The large central Corso, where the winners parade the day before and the various delegations of public and private institutions. Just as everything has its end this wonderful holiday too. It is Tuesday 24 and King Momo is dead, for that all widows go to his funeral, an act in which one reads the testament left by the deceased and the promises for next year. At dawn is buried with the honors he deserves a king. There are tears and pain, but there is a strong conviction that for the new year will rise more strongly to give us more joy and happiness to all his countrymen.
Do not go carnival, carnival ... no fences you still sing the carnival in the bars drunk so much beer. Visiting Cajamarca means to be prepared for fun and learning

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